Smart Decor

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We're excited to present Smart Decor, an AI-powered mobile app designed to transform interior decor ideas for your home. With this app, users can capture images of their living spaces and experiment with various interior design elements to craft their ideal home.

The Brief.

We leverage existing user research data provided by the business to inform our design and development decisions. Our goal was to create an intuitive AI-powered interior design app that addresses common challenges users encounter in home decor projects, such as creativity blocks, time constraints, limited resources, and lack of expertise. We aimed to empower users to effortlessly design visually stunning and cohesive home spaces.

The Outcome.

By collaborating closely with the business and utilizing their valuable user research data, we crafted an AI-powered interior design app that meets the needs and aspirations of users seeking to enhance their home decor experience. Explore our portfolio to discover how we're reshaping the future of interior design.

Key Features.

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Integration of AI technology to analyze images and provide design suggestions.

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User-friendly interface enabling easy experimentation with decor options, colors, furniture arrangements, and more.

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Access to a diverse library of design inspiration and trends to ignite creativity.

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Customization features allowing users to personalize designs to their unique preferences and styles.


Interactive feedback and guidance throughout the design process.

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