Sukatte & Bezeboh

Explore our portfolio to learn more about our transformative work under the Sukatte & Bezeboh umbrella.

We're thrilled to unveil our work under the Sukatte & Bezeboh umbrella: the design and development of intuitive interfaces for SB Remit and SB Capital. These endeavors represent significant milestones in our portfolio, showcasing our dedication to crafting cutting-edge solutions that enhance user experiences and drive operational efficiency.

The Brief.

We've partnered with Sukatte & Bezeboh to deliver innovative solutions for their financial services. This included designing and developing SB Remit, an intuitive B2C SaaS web app for money remittance and payment services, and crafting a corporate website aimed at elevating brand recognition for SB Capital, Sukatte & Bezeboh's foreign currency exchange service in Cameroon.

In addition to these platforms, we developed comprehensive brand identity materials such as logos, design systems, marketing assets, and social media content. Our collaborative efforts led to successful launches and cohesive brand experiences across various touchpoints.

Explore our transformative work under the Sukatte & Bezeboh umbrella where we ensured a cohesive and impactful visual identity for SB Remit.

What We Delivered.

SB Remit Customer-Facing Web App

SB Remit Internal-Admin Web App

SB Capital Corporate Website

Brand Identity and Promotion Materials

The Outcome.

Through the projects, we led cross-functional teams of researchers, developers, and designers, leveraging API endpoints and implementing new layouts for scalability and future-proofing. By utilizing insights from MVP performance, we crafted development roadmaps that guided the successful launch of SB Remit's web app v1 and mobile app MVP.

These achievements underscore our commitment to delivering comprehensive and impactful solutions that make a tangible impact on Sukatte & Bezeboh's businesses and their customers.