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We're thrilled to showcase our latest creation, Essayz.AI, as part of our portfolio! 

Developed by our talented team, Essayz is an AI-powered web application that connects people with the invaluable wisdom of experienced publishers.

The Brief.

From concept to execution, we took Essayz from ideation to a fully functional product. Our role involved meticulously indexing and analyzing ideas from essays penned by seasoned authors. The result? A seamless, user-centered experience that allows individuals to effortlessly explore insights on startups, entrepreneurship, and life directly from the best minds in the field.

With, users can easily tap into the expertise of renowned authors, gaining valuable perspectives on various aspects of business and life. It's a testament to our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that empower and inspire.

The Outcome.

Step 1
Ask Essayz any question or select a suggested question

Step 2
Wait a few seconds for Essayz to prepare your results

Step 3
Voilà! Explore your results and where they are referenced from

The Process.

Stage 1 →

Conducted user research to deeply understand the needs and pain points of the potential users, to ensure that the solution addresses their specific challenges.

Stage 2

Designed a seemless experience for the users of the platform. We generated a clickable high-fidelity prototype for the product design.

Stage 3

Leveraged advanced indexing and analysis to feed the question and relevant content into a text generation model, specifically GPT-3.

Stage 4

Developed the platform and implemented the  Al capabilities, resulting in an efficient and seemless user experience.

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